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Honey Bee’z Sidr Honey (Beri Honey) – 250g


Beri Honey (Sidr) 250gm – Special Glass Jar and Beautiful Packing


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Pure Honey acting as an Antioxidant, Antibacterial Property of organic sidr beri honey Ajwain Honey increases your Body’s Regenerative Abilities Anti fungal Properties of Pure Beri Honey Contains Abundant phytoplankton Aid in Digestive Problems Help in Cure of Sore Throat HONEY BEE’Z Honey helps in Lowering your Blood Pressure Pure Honey helps in Improving Cholesterol Levels HONEY BEE’Z Honey helps in Lowering Triglycerides Antioxidants present in Pure Honey for Beneficial Heart healthcare Honey Encourages Wounds and Burns Cure Pure Honey is Delicious.

This Beri Honey packed beautifully in a clean environment for Hygiene. The honey is contained in Glass Jar that will not effects on the human health rather than the plastic Jars that causes many Problems.

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Pure and Delicious in Taste Orignal Beri Honey 250g Effective Against Many Diseases. The item is exactly the same size and quality. Tea, other liquids, and baked items all benefit from this ideal sweetener. While honey naturally crystallises and darkens in colour, it does not go bad and is still good to eat.

  • Pure Beri Honey
  • No Preservatives
  • Beautiful Packing
  • Sweet Taste
  • Thick and Dark Honey
  • Extracted from Honey Comb
  • Weight 250gm
  • Rich in enzymes gram beri
  • Organic sidr beri honey

HONEY BEE'Z Sidr Honey 250g


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Weight 250 g
Dimensions 7.4 × 7 × 12 cm

2 reviews for Beri Honey (Sidr) 250gm – Special Glass Jar and Beautiful Packing

  1. Ahmad

    Very Satisfied with this product.. Thanks Honey Beez 👍😇

  2. daniyalarfeen

    Acha taste hai Honey ka pata lag raha hai original hai..💯❤️

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